Monday, February 15, 2010

Trouble in Paradise by Robin Lee Hatcher

After a lifetime of putting herself last, Shayla Vincent was finally on the right track. The rustic, secluded cabin her aunt had left her was the answer to prayer, the perfect spot to start her writing career. Now nothing would stop her from spreading His word.

Ian O'Connell was her new next-door neighbor -- a rugged rancher caring for his two adorable nieces. Yet, Shayla had already helped bring up her younger siblings. Raising another family when her goal was just within her grasp was the last thing she wanted, even as the brown-eyed cowboy had quickly become the first.
What happens when you mix a mystery writer working on her first novel and a rancher that loves his small town life? The answer is simple: chaotic. Shayla Vincent finds herself in the small town of Rainbow Valley after her aunt leaves her cabin to her. Little does she know, but the cowboy that lives down the road is about to change her life and all of her plans for the future. And what of Ian’s request to help him take care of his nieces? She’s done taking care of kids, but will two innocent faces help her make up her mind? Ian O’Connell is perfectly fine with the life he leads, but when he meets the strange, bubbly Shayla Vincent, he begins to wonder if he wants more in his life. Although living in the shadows of his past, he begins to see God’s love in a new light as he gets to know Shayla. But does she understand that he only wants to see her happy, no matter what she may think? When his sister asks him to watch her daughters for an extended period of time, he finds his hands full with double trouble- 6 year old twins. Can he handle taking care of them with help from his new neighbor, or will he give up without Shayla’s help?

Trouble In Paradise is a quirky book full of characters that are very believable and will stay with you for a long time after reading. It has problems that Christians everyday encounter, such as questions about God’s will for their lives and trusting Him no matter what. I found this book very enjoyable, and even found myself laughing at times as I went through Ian and Shayla’s problems with them. Obstacles such as Shayla’s deadline, her sister, Anne, a goofy cowboy named Ty, and Ian’s past are a few of the obstacles the two of them have to face. As they overcome each one, learning something new about each other, you find yourself wondering if Shayla will finish her novel despite all the interruptions and if Ian will be able to move on from the pain of all that he’s been through. Although an easy read, Trouble In Paradise is a book that I’d definitely recommend for anyone that’s looking for a small town book with cowboys, ranches, and God’s love weaved throughout the book. Definitely two thumbs up for Miss Hatcher!

Love in Jesus,
Elyssa =)

*This book was checked out of my local library for reviewing*

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